Why Distance Reiki Is Just the Thing You Didn’t Know You Needed Right Now

COVID-19 has taken our world by storm as country after country has implemented measures to ensure that the virus does not take any more lives. For the first time in my lifetime, I have been quarantined in my home, mandated to work from home and restricted in my interactions with other citizens. Social distancing is a new term that describes the six feet distance that must be between strangers as we navigate essential spaces like grocery stores for purchases to maintain our quarantined lifestyle. It is definitely overwhelming sometimes when I think about it.

When I become particularly overwhelmed and need to reclaim my peace of mind, the first thing that I have been turning to is reiki. Reiki is a Japanese stress-relief technique that involves deep breathing and the movement of personal human energy. Reiki practitioners believe that all humans possess the ability to use their personal energy to manifest healing and personal wellness in mind, body and soul. Reiki practitioners help facilitate that healing in their clients.

I became certified as a reiki practitioner last year during the final year of courses in my doctoral program. I was heavily stressed and wanted to learn how to self-soothe and train myself to regulate my stress levels through my thoughts and practice. I gravitated toward reiki because it involves intensive use of breathing techniques and one of my biggest habits when I begin to get stressed is to hold my breath. It sounds really weird, but, if I told you to start paying attention to how often you are not just deep breathing, but, breathing in general, you may be surprised to find that when you pay attention, you are often holding your breath. Over time, many of us have become accustomed to holding our breath longer during moments we are panicked, overwhelmed and anxious. For me, this practice had been impacting my circulation and my physical wellness overall.

Engaging in reiki classes immediately proved beneficial. I was relaxed, more attuned to my physicality and I found my intuition open in ways that it had not before. My first reiki class was an intro to the practice and allowed me the ability to practice reiki on myself and my family. I took the Usui Holy Fire Reiki II, III and Master classes that followed so I could begin to provide reiki services to clients.

Since last year, I have worked with about a dozen clients offering distance reiki as an option. In-person reiki sessions usually involves a client coming to me or me going to them and I perform reiki where I use my hands as tools to assess where certain energy blocks exist as the client lies down (as pictured below). I don’t touch the client, but, may place items such as crystals on the client to assist with healing areas that have greatest energy blocks. During distance reiki sessions, I am not in the room with the client, but, I am still making contact with the client to assess how they are feeling, locate energy blocks and facilitate healing through reiki intervention.


After the distance reiki session, the client is given an assessment that includes an intutive reading guided by a tarot or oracle card pull. I talk a bit about this process below (if you can’t view it below, click here):

If you are interested in setting up a distance reiki session with me, send me a message via Facebook on my page The Creative Midwife. I am offering an introductory price for new clients of $25 for 30 minutes and $40 for returning clients for 30 minutes. I accept payments through PayPal, CashApp and Venmo.I look forward to working with you!

Through intuitive practice and guidance, I am helping creative people access their best ideas and birth them successfully, bringing them to the forefront to change the world. Let me help you get focused, stay unboxed, be unbothered and get noticed today!Khadijah Ali-Coleman, the Creative Midwife™


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