Professional Editing Services

Thank you  for your inquiry! I wanted to give you an overview of some of my services to ensure that we are on the same page regarding your needs. I also need to know how many pages your book is double-spaced. The page count is based on a double-spaced manuscript.

Strategic Planning for Book Production
I speak to a lot of new authors about their interest in getting an idea of all that book production entails and want to get an idea of what they can do themselves and what they need to pay someone to do. I am qualified to sit down with you and– either in person or via phone or Skype– help you develop a strategic plan in producing your book. From finishing your rough draft to choosing a publishing package, book production can be intensive. I can help you create your process and get started!

Cost: $100/hr



You already have your book written, but if you are contemplating a sequel, you may want to consider this service. I provide one-on-one assistance organizing your book’s structure.

Cost: $100/hr



Editing Services


Editing services start at $100/hour (minimum 2 hour) for your double spaced and formatted manuscript. Editing will consist of reading critically for POV, plot, character development, mood, theme, consistency, etc. Editing is NOT proofreading (see below). I spend an estimated 2 hours per 50 pages of manuscript.


Proofreading services


Proofreading includes checking for typos, spelling errors, and grammar issues–it is usually done after editing of a manuscript is done and is billed at an hourly rate of $50/hr. I spend an estimated 2 hours per 50 pages of manuscript.
That’s an overview of my services. Once you email me back what services you need, I can send you a fresh invoice via PayPal so we can get started. Payment in full is due prior to beginning service. Let me know what service you are interested in. I will then send you an invoice and we can move from there.

Email me at LiberatedMuseArts [at] gmail dot com.