Social Media

Social Media, the teenager in the marketing family,
And like all adolescents, proceed carefully…
Should you Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Second Life, Foursquare?
Yes, if it’s on-brand and your target audience is there.

And now, of course, the golden query:
Can you do these things yourself, or is a professional necessary?
Take a look at the long term, not the next few-week stint
And ask: is what you have to sell worth the best possible investment?

-Ciara Pressler, Marketing agent

Khadijah has created and/or contributed to the management of Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and other social media platforms for various artists and organizations. Using social media to promote your brand is one of the least expensive and simplest ways to interact with your target audience.

Schedule a consult with Khadijah to determine which social media platform is right for you. Khadijah offers services that range from starting an account with the selected media platform to maintaining a client account, documenting analytics and audience response. Khadijah also creates blogs for clients and can be hired to manage content.

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