Becoming a Doctor During COVID-19

I became a doctor when quarantining began in the US because of COVID-19. Not that kind of doctor. I defended by dissertation in my education doctorate program at Morgan State University. I had to defend it online on Friday, March 13th because my campus was closed the week I was supposed to defend. Below is what my research’s purpose was.

I am so excited about this achievement which is twenty years after I earned my master of arts degree. Since defending my dissertation, my school announced that my commencement ceremony will be postponed and the college I teach at has moved all classes online. My daughter, a homeschooled high schooler who is also enrolled in college, is now taking her classes online, too. The world is in a new state of cautiousness that I have never witnessed nor experienced before.


In my efforts to be of support to the families who are now having to homeschool because of COVID-19, I have recorded the following videos:


and written the following blog posts:

Homeschooling because of COVID-19: Play time is learning time
Multi-ethnic homeschooling moms online conference
Post in the comment area any other resources you would like to share with others.

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