I Graduated with My Doctorate this Month

I received my diploma digitally this past Saturday and it’s official, I’m a graduate of Morgan State University’ department of Advanced Leadership and Policy Studies as a Doctor of Education in Community College Leadership/Higher Education! Not sure if it matters, but I graduated with a 3.9 GPA. I was one of 45 doctoral students who graduated from Morgan State University today. My dissertation title is DUAL ENROLLED AFRICAN AMERICAN HOMESCHOOLED STUDENTS’ PERCEPTIONS OF PREPAREDNESS FOR COMMUNITY COLLEGE.

Below is the video of our virtual ceremony and I BAWLED my face off. “We are the World” was my 6th grade graduation song finishing elementary school and 35 years later here it is my graduation song finishing my doctorate.

I thanked them in the acknowledgments in my dissertation, but thank you to the moms of the children who allowed me to interview their kids for my study, thank you to Lyn Artope Halstead, Colie Aziza and Anonamas Grooves for holding me down throughout this process with ongoing encouragement and showing up for my defense and with the utmost gratitude I thank Hook and our daughter, Khari, for putting up with my papers and books everywhere, with my busyness 24/7, my meltdowns when screaming about my professors and school, my incessant talking about a dissertation topic when all you asked was what I wanted on my toast and all of the times I checked out of family time because I had a paper due. Thanks for still inviting me to things (smile).

Thanks everyone for the congratulations and good cheer. I hope you are inspired to know you aren’t too old to do anything because this achievement comes after a very long and colorful professional career in education and the arts. I didn’t get to walk across a stage because of COVID-19, but, I am happy to have the opportunity to share this accomplishment virtually.

Photos by Ben Dawson taken during Mother’s Day Weekend


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