Happy New Year! It’s 2021

Wow. 2020 threw us for a loop. My last post on this blog was regarding my doctorate I earned last May 2020. I’ve been quite busy in 2020 despite the quarantine and general shut down of life as usual. I don’t believe I will be posting much on this blog in 2021. I have quite a lot of things I am invested in right now that will definitely be monopolizing my team. But, I hope you will consider joining me in a few spaces that might apply to you. Here are some of them:

1.) Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars (BFHES)

In 2020, I had the honor of co-founding an organization, Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars. Last summer, we presented a virtual week-long teach-in (which I stupidly forgot to promote on this blog) and since then we have started a Facebook community. Those who have followed this blog for a while know that I am a homeschooling mother. What you probably didn’t know is that my dissertation revolved around the perceptions of African American homeschooled teens who are dual-enrolled in community college. So, I am a homeschooling researcher, too. (SIDE NOTE: Folks thought I was odd and crazy when I came up with my thesis topic, but, COVID-19 made homeschooling relevant to EVERYONE in 2020.) If you are a homeschooling Black parent or thinking about becoming one, please check out my other blog that I update more often than here. Also, consider joining the BFHES resource group on Facebook and listening to our podcast on Spotify. We will be releasing a book this year that I am currently editing. Learn more about us here.

2.) Zora’s Den

In 2018 I had the honor of presenting a poem I had written during the annual Hurston/Wright Gala. The next year, I submitted the poem to be part of an anthology series edited by Victorial Kennedy, the founder of a Black women writer’s group called Zora’s Den. The group started in Baltimore, but it is online now as a Facebook group and has members from states across the United States. You should join the group if you are a Black woman who writes and is looking for community. You should also buy the anthology that is onsale now. My poem is the very last in the collection. Click here to buy.

3.) StudentMediaOnline.com

I began working in the nonprofit sector as an education adminstrator at a media organization after I graduated last May. Due to COVID, I was interviewed and hired virtually and I have been working since August from home, never meeting my co-workers in person for the most part. One of my tasks has been to design virtual media courses which I have been having a ball doing. I am largely familiar with how to design curriculum and teach on-line because of my many years teaching college courses—some of them online or hybrid courses. I also have courses that I have through my brand StudentMediaOnline.com. I am hosting some classes for youth and teaching a parent workshop on Jan. 21 for homeschooling parents that I invite you to register for. Learn more at StudentMediaOnline.com.

Overall, I hope to connect more with folks. If you are reading this, I hope to connect via one of my online locations. Wishing you the best.



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