Do You Want to Be in My Film?

Khadijah Ali-Coleman at screening of BRACELET
Do You Want to Be in My Film?
In less than a month, for the weekend of May 4, Team Liberated Muse will be doing the Washington DC 48 Hour Film Project again. Last year, I had an amazing cast and crew that consisted of Mischay Mabry, Ben Dawson Jr, Khari Dawson, Jocelyn Alexander, Malauna Steele, Lyn Artope, Kiana Lawyer, and Aziza Mariama. If you are interested in participating as a part of the cast or serve as a production assistant, make-up artist, sound engineer, second camera, etc., let me know by emailing me at I will be starting the FB group for cast and crew this week. You have to live in the Washington DC metro area or be able to travel to the DC metro area on Saturday and be available the entire day. This is a volunteer opportunity.
The process is:
1. On Friday, I learn what genre of film I am tasked with writing.
2. I write the script.
3. I send the cast and crew the script and notify the cast of what character they will play and what the shooting schedule is.
4. We shoot on Saturday.
5. The movie is edited Saturday night and Sunday until the afternoon.
6. Movie is dropped off for consideration.

Let me know if you are down! Check out last year’s movie we did.

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