2018 National Cherry Blossom Festival Recap

This month has been crazy! I have been very busy with school work and performance as well as general life struggles. But, guess what? Art always saves the day. If you are an artist in the Washington DC area, please watch this video to see what upcoming events we can work on together.
National Cherry Blossom Festival
 The bi-polar weather has given us a run for our money. This past Wednesday, I performed in the National Cherry Blossom festival and the weather was sunny yet chilly.
I was happy to be able to perform at the National Cherry Blossom Festival after having to cancel last month due to illness. I am still recovering from the lingering cough I developed while sick with pneumonia two weeks ago, but, I managed to put on a fun show performing covers and my original music. Shout-out to Andreas, the stage coordinator, for inviting me to perform and for being a great stage manager. Shout-out to my partner for taking off work to be there and for him and our daughter taking these great performance shots.



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