Living Your Authentic Life

I went to Miami in mid-June to celebrate my partner’s birthday. Best vacation ever. No stress, blue waters, sand and sun. We went jet skiing, enjoyed fine dining and sunbathed. I hadn’t been to Miami in two years and hadn’t been to a beach or swimming since then. How had I let that happen?

Most of us get caught in personality loops, presenting what we think is appropriate and acceptable, yet living in a disloyal way to our true selves. Most of us operate from a perspective of how we can fit in and be least offensive, believing it is the pathway to being most successful. But, conflict does not disappear when we ignore it or accomodate it. It gets worse. I had been working and focusing on external immediate issues for two straight years without infusing in my schedule some time to relax and rejuvenate. I had been more concerned about job and work instead of self-care, family time and time with my partner. In fact, this was the first real trip the two of us had ever taken together.

Check out this episode of “Dual Inspiration” that I co-host on First Edition with Sean Yoes on Mondays on WEAA 88.9 FM. I talk about how to live an authentic life.


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