New Production for Artscape 2017

Join me and my artist collective Liberated Muse Arts group on Saturday, July 22 at 4pm at the Baltimore Theatre Project as the Artscape festival presents our show “When We Were Goddesses”. The show is a free presentation at family friendly. Following in the tradition of my production “In Her Words”, the story presents musical stories about the African goddesses worshipped since the recording of time. The character CASS who is featured in the “In Her Words” production returns in “When We Were Goddesses” and is portrayed by 13 year-old Danicia B., a graduate of the performance arts program at Benjamin D. Foulois Academy in Suitland, Maryland. I am directing the production and portraying two characters in the story that features my Liberated Muse collective members Angela “Anonamas” Ballard, Lyn Artope and Colie Aziza.

Anonamas and I wrote the songs for the show and my producer and life partner Ben Dawson, Jr. composed the music. Khari D., my 13 year-old daughter is co-director.  You can read here about some of the goddesses who will be covered. RSVP on Facebook.


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