Be Part of My Study on Dual-enrolled Homeschooled Students

I have been a doctoral student in the Community College Leadership Program at Morgan State University since 2016. Last fall, I completed my coursework and this past Spring I passed my comps and defended my dissertation proposal successfully, becoming a doctoral candidate.

Currently, I am conducting interviews for my research study that is the focus of my dissertation. Below is more info. Please direct eligible participants my way!

Study Overview: This study examines the perceptions of African American dual-enrolled homeschooled students recently or currently enrolled in community colleges located throughout the United States.

Participant criteria:

Study participants must be:

(a) African American students (defined as students of African descent born and raised in the United States),

(b) 18 years-old or younger,

(c) Currently attending a community college or recently graduated from a community college while being homeschooled

(d) Parental consent if under 18.


To learn more and sign up, visit


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