#SurvivingtheRKellyDoc: 3 Moms Share Their Thoughts

So Our Youth Aspire (S.O.Y.A.)

six-part Surviving R. Kelly
docu-series that aired on Lifetime this month has been a ratings
gem for the network
. The intense series dug into the embattled
singer’s thirty-year career and personal life to uncover a world of pedophilia,
family crisis and celebrity manipulation. So
Our Youth Aspire
(SOYA), as a resource for parents, educator and those who
work with youth, wanted to engage in the conversation that the series has
sparked. So, we have created a series ourselves that is called “Surviving the
R. Kelly Docu-Series”.

Read the first #SurvivingtheRKellyDoc conversation

Read the second #SurvivingtheRKellyDoc conversation

This conversation was the most personal and in-depth. I would like to thank both women for their honesty and willingness to participate in this conversation with me. (the photo is a stock image)

This third conversation is between me, SOYA’s founder Khadijah Ali-Coleman, and two mothers of Black children, Tichaona Chinyelu

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