Be Who You Are Segment on WEAA 88.9 FM with Sean Yoes

Most of us get caught in personality loops, presenting what we think is appropriate and acceptable, yet living in a disloyal way to our true selves. Most of us operate from a perspective of how we can fit in and be least offensive, believing it is the pathway to being most successful. But, conflict does not disappear when we ignore it or accommodate it. It gets worse.

As my creativity coach alter ego, the Creative Midwife, and as a communication professional, I shared insight on Dec. 20, 2016 on WEAA 89.3 FM with Sean Yoes on how we can be who we are in a world that often makes it difficult to stay true to our authentic self.  Special thanks to Sean Yoes for having me!


selfie with Sean Yoes
selfie with Sean Yoes



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