Elementary student participants in a 2009 Story-Quilting summer workshop

Khadijah Ali-Coleman, an Advancing Youth Development (AYD) facilitator,  provides workshops and consultant services to youth-serving organizations and events. Her expertise has been utilized by notable agencies including some of the clients below:


She began her foray into facilitation and youth development in the mid 1990’s while still in college, volunteering for organizations like the CHOICE program based in Baltimore, MD and traveling to different countries during her winter breaks  to work with elementary school-aged children, assisting teachers in classroom management and leading classroom instruction. Later, upon graduating from the University of Maryland, she engaged in community work as a family case manager with CHOICE and classroom teacher, later serving as the Assistant Director of a prominent international organization that provides services at-risk and runaway youth. Through these experiences, Khadijah has honed skills that are very valuable in her role as a consultant and trainer.

Participants in a session co-facilitated by Khadijah at the Children’s Defense Fund’s Ella Baker Policy Training Institute in June 2012. The training was on conflict resolution and creating peaceable communities within a learning environment.

Below are some workshops she is available to facilitate for aspiring & professional arts professionals, youth workers and educators:


Behind Closed Doors

Customer Service for Youth Work


Learning About Ourselves and Each Other

Moving Many More

Multiple Intelligences and Youth Work

Story Quilting: Using Imagery and Descriptive Word Play to Develop Literature Appreciation

We Are (But Aren’t) The Same

Compassionate Communication: Creating a Culture of Peace

Conflict Resolution

Participants in the writing workshop “Writing Your Life Story” led by Khadijah and held on 3-15-11 at Oxon Hill Public Library in Oxon Hill, MD


Writing Playcations

Social Memes

Expression Without Words

Music as a Theatre Device

Living the Artist Way

Storyquilting and Arts Literacy

Self-Publishing 101


Contact Khadijah Ali-Coleman at to schedule a workshop or to have Khadijah facilitate for your organization. Workshops can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Rates for workshops vary based on group size, location and duration of workshop. Call to schedule today!

For a review of past work, you can visit Khadijah Ali-Coleman’s former blog site So Our Youth Aspire (SOYA).

Visit SOYA by clicking HERE

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