Writing Workshops

Are you a writer looking for guidance on how to get started on publishing your work? Whether you are an aspiring journalist or creative writer, Liberated Muse’s founder, Khadijah “Moon” Ali-Coleman can help you get started.

Khadijah, a journalist, playwright, poet and book editor has published hundreds of articles and helped dozens with self-publish their work. She currently offers consultant services to organizations and individuals creating integrative digital content.

Khadijah has developed a writing series called “Playcations” to introduce writers to methods that assist in aiding “writer’s block”, encouraging free writing and getting work published. Contact Khadijah today to learn about upcoming writing playcations or to plan one for your venue.

CONTACT: LiberatedMuseArts@gmail.com


Writing Playcations

Social Memes

Expression Without Words

Music as a Theatre Device

Living the Artist Way