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My wonderful editor, Khadijah Ali-Coleman did an awesome job, and I am pleased with the final piece.

–Karen Minors, Author of “It Is What It Is”


Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman (pictured above) is the Creative MidwifeTM, a professional creative who has built an expansive career as a playwright, educator, journalist and performer.

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Living An Artist Life…

I began my artist life as small child, writing poems and stories in my free time and during my not so free time, often getting in trouble in class for focusing so intently on my newly penned creations. I have loved writing for as far back as I remember my first thought. Like you, I was encouraged to do something “practical” when I got older and my creative side that loved writing and singing, dancing and acting was not valued as much by family and well-meaning adults.

Thankfully, the creative little girl inside refused to get practical.

I grew up, continuing to hone my skills in writing and the arts and infused the arts in every role I held professionally. I was the college administrator who started an arts program for academically at-risk students. I was the out-of-school time director who created opportunities for youth to express, learn and create through the arts. I created online poetry spaces on novelty sites from to MySpace and was one of the many who shared creative writing through home-made Yahoo sites and personal pages. In 2008, I started my own social networking site, where over 700 people shared their art publicly and with each other, built networks and collaborated off-line.


The Beginning of a Liberated Muse… became the springboard for a wealth of opportunities for me. I began to personal coach people who wanted to find ways to balance their day job with their burgeoning interest in an art field. I began being requested as a speaker to talk about Liberated Muse and my own talents as a writer and performer. grew into Liberated Muse Arts Group, where off-line– in theaters, in schools, libraries and museums– I began to produce and share my plays with the public. Today, is the website for Liberated Muse Arts Group, a touring arts collective and so much more. Productions of my theatrical shows have been booked by the United States Peace Corps, library systems, The Smithsonian, festivals and more! I balance my life as a creative, educator and coach as I infuse the arts in everything I do. Let me help you sort out your creative mind and get started on your creative journey!

Let Me Help You Birth Your Creativity by Liberating Your Muse…

Since 2008, I’ve been helping others and, in 2015, I branded my work as The Creative Midwife. I chose this name because the most significant moment in my life was giving birth to my daughter with the assistance of a team of midwives who were the epitome of grace, nurturing and expertise. My beautiful brown baby– now a pre-teen– would not have arrived safely (during a hurricane, no less) if it weren’t for the care of the midwives who helped me.

When I think of the type of work I do as a creativity coach, it is no less important as birthing human babies, as our creative babies are delicate, special and unique like a baby of flesh and bone. Your ideas are important to me. And, as The Creative Midwife, I will help you birth them into existence so they can live free, enjoying the attention of all who come in contact with them.


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