Here are some of the things people have said about Khadijah:



“Khadijah carries a room like few others in the DC Songwriters circuit. With a persona so powerful, she makes even the unabashed pay attention.” -JA Thueson, founder of Songwriters & Poets and entertainment coordinator for The Adams Morgan Day Festival

“Later that afternoon at Lafayette Park, the energy was still very high and a lot of information was shared with attendees and passersby… and the crowd was visibly moved by a beautiful musical performance by Khadijah “Moon” Ali-Coleman”
Michelle Titus – Before It’s News
“Khadijah isn’t just a singer, she is also a journalist, playwright, poet and actress. Ali-Coleman has written and produced plays for the Capital Fringe Festival, and she has edited the literary anthologies Liberated Muse Volume I and II. “Unbound” has an additional significance because it was inspired by the death of Derrick “D Marq” Smith, her close friend and collaborator.”    –Sidney Thomas- Examiner.com

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“Dear Ms. Ali-Coleman:

On behalf of the Peace Corps, I want to thank you and the other cast
members of In Her Words for celebrating National African American
History Month with us. Please extend our thanks and appreciation to
them for their outstanding performance.

We were all greatly impressed by your play and its insights into the
lives and social influence of the remarkable Black women depicted in
In Her Words.

Thank you again for your visit to the Peace Corps. We were honored to
have such a fascinating playwright join us during National African
American History Month.”

-Aaron Williams, Director of The United States Peace Corps

“Thank you to Khadijah and the actresses of In her Words for reminding us about the beauty of our culture through song and words. The play was informative and thought-provoking!”

-Tracey George, IN HER WORDS audience member, singer/songwriter and  IN HER WORDS tour sponsor

Dear Ms Ali-Coleman,

On behalf of the DC Public Library, I want to thank you and the other cast members of In Her Words for celebrating Black History Month at the DC Public Library.

In Her Words is a moving, inspirational production, the music and theater production was superb. I hope that you and the cast members expand upon you talents and share In Her Words with future audiences.

I look forward to working with you in the future, it is clear in the arts and the humanities you are a rising young artist, who will make significant contributions to the world of theater arts.  This fact is already evident, since you are a 2012 recipient of the Under Forty Innovation Award from Prince George’s County for the Arts and Humanities.- Cassandra Harper, Social Sciences Librarian, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library

Thank you for writing this piece. It should be performed all over the country as these ladies (and many more) will be lost to future generations if you don’t save them with this piece.  Thank you for your contributions to the arts.”

-Donise Stevens, IN HER WORDS audience member and actress in television series “In Our Lives”

” I can say with all honesty that going in with absolutely no prior knowledge of what this play was about I was absolutely blown away. This play tackles what I’ve always considered to be one the most controversial topics for Black women: when we admit that motherhood is hard and damn near drives us over the edge.  The play was funny, poignant, and emotional. It is extremely well-written and you definitely hear Khadijah telling her own very personal story as a mom and creative woman through the dialogue.  The songs were great and the actors/singers were all amazing, across the board. I can definitely see this small community production growing and going above and beyond what anybody in the audience could realize. I am so glad I was able to attend such an awesome performance.” CaShawn Thompson on Khadijah’s play Running: AMOK on her blog Dirty, Pretty Thangs

“Playwright Khadijah Ali Coleman is a writer after my own heart because she penned a piece tackling issues we mothers tend to keep to ourselves. I applaud her and the cast for bringing this subject matter to the forefront.” Seshat Walker, The General Store


“Khadijah has worked with our kindergarten through sixth grade groups and our adult education students (average age 25-44). She was received with equal enthusiasm by both groups to the point that she has been requested to come again when I obtain additional funding. She is flexible and creative about your needs and her offerings and I recommend her without any equivocation.Valarie Ashley, Executive Director, Southeast Ministry

“I would like to thank you for a great experience and can honestly say for the first time, I will miss this class very much and wish it was a little longer.  Best of wishes and hope to keep in touch.”

-Excerpt from an email sent from a student in a Communication Studies course at Northern Virginia Community College taught by Khadijah Ali-Coleman

I am writing you today, because I was thinking about the thought-provoking and mind-altering time I had in class during the first six week session of the summer…In addition to the transactional communication model, you have taught me how to effectively communicate while working in a group and how to be a positive person. By watching you, I have learned how to accept people’s flaws and to maintain positivity when communicating with them…I say that you are a very positive and intelligent instructor, I also include that you are highly educated but not pretentious (what I like about you the most) and you are helpful. “

–Excerpt from an email sent from a student in a Communication Studies course at Northern Virginia Community College taught by Khadijah Ali-Coleman

“We appreciate your willingness to be involved and to present a writing workshop at the Oxon Hill Branch Library. Refreshing enlightening and informative were a few of the comments that showed the value of the workshop… Thank you for your enthusiastic presentation. We look forward to networking with you in the future.” -Martha Ruff, Librarian, Sojourner Truth African American Research Collection, PGCMLS–Oxon Hill Branch


khadijah smithsonian

“It’s not surprising that the “I’m Every Woman” SWAN Day concert was such a success, given the history of Liberated Muse. Founded in 2008 by Khadijah Ali-Coleman, a writer, educator, performer, and creativity coach, as an online community for artists to share news, photos, videos, and performance opportunities… Liberated Muse Arts has continued to build on its mission to produce multi-cultural arts events in non-traditional arts spaces as well as providing arts workshops, online content management, and PR services to artists and small businesses.  We were thrilled to learn that Ali-Coleman has been honored for all of her amazing work by being named one of Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund’s 40 Under 40. We can’t wait to see what she’ll do next!”
Deborah SteinbergWomenArts

“[Khadijah’s] work ethic is also second to none. Her writings are award-winning. She is an artistic entrepreneur with a hit play. She is, in her way, a Transformative Language Art practitioner using her writing to affect artistic and social change.Don’t sleep on this woman.”

Tiffany Beard- Examiner.com
“…the spotlight is on Khadijah Ali-Coleman, aka Moon. A true do it all mama, she is the co-founder of Liberated Muse Productions, founder of So Our Youth Aspire (SOYA), a performance artist, playwright, freelance writer and photographer… as well as the proud mama of 6 year old Khari Isabel. Her newest play Running: AMOK is about to premiere at the Washington, DC Capital Fringe Fest.
Angele Sionna – Examiner.com
“Ali Coleman and her partner Maceo Thomas marshal DC-area talent and produce events locally under the Liberated Muse umbrella…It is in this way that Coleman and company choose to contribute to help Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere, begin to heal.”
Wendy Coakley-Thompson – Examiner.com
“Moon is a bit of a Renaissance woman and after about 20 minutes of conversation I found myself asking, “How many jobs do you have?” As a musician, actress, playwright, director, mentor, event promoter and coordinator and educator she is busy to say the least…”
Kelly Hanson – Examiner.com
“Khadijah, first of all, is a visionary and creator.”
singer/actress, Déjà Belle in an interview with writer Tiffany BeardExaminer.com
“I met Khadijah  through her organization, Liberated Muse.  She is very talented, professional, and a fantastic writer. I admire her work ethics and determination. She has been a great inspiration and I look forward to working with her again!” – Sharon Lawrence,  Owner, Word Life Production

@KhadijahOnline you were specTACular and generous and empowering at the panel and FREAKING impressive in all that you do. #yourock
-@senorayatez on Twitter (attendee at the BlogHer ’10 conference in NYC)

“Khadijah is a very creative and dedicated artist, writer, and business professional. Her organizational skills are second to none.” -Dennis Chestnut, Executive Director, Groundwork Anacostia DC

“Moon a.k.a Khadijah Ali-Coleman knows the drive that pushes an artist forward on the expressive journey. She’s been intimate with the humble cathartic beginnings, struggles with public voice, and trappings of accolades. But most importantly she’s conscious of the need to push forward mediums and outlets for the arts that make it possible for there to be an exhibition of publicly shared expression at all, and in her awareness of this she’s created a community that stretches both beyond and within the independent circuitry of the DC area.”   –Purple Zoe – Soul Magazine