Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman is a professional writer, performance artist, gifted public speaker and trained facilitator. She offers a wide-range of services for individuals, organizations, educational institutions and corporations. Clients have included:

Edgewood Corporation

Alternatives Renewable Solutions, LLC

The Washington National Opera

Southeast Ministry

DC Scores

The Children’s Defense Fund

The Potter’s House

Oxon Hill Public Library

DC Public Library System

The Bonifant Theater

Alexandria Public Library

Capital Community News

Khadijah offers:

WRITING SERVICES for self-publishing authors, performance artists and executives in need of professional biographies; companies and individuals needing editing and re-writing assistance with manuscripts; and those needing help with outlining and writing project;

TRAINING SERVICES for those in need of workshops of a specific nature which are interactive and engaging in nature;

CREATIVITY COACHING for those who need specific guidance in beginning or strengthening a career as a professional performance or literary artist.


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