Master Communicators! A Course on Effective Communication


This Fall 2014 I will be teaching a course that is part of the Sankofa Homeschooling Collective’s Course Offerings. Read below to learn more

Master Communicators!  (A Course on Effective Communication)

Class size: 15 student max per age group

Age: 9-11, 11-13, 14 & up

Class description: Master Communicators! (A Class on Effective Communication) is a 10-week course dedicated to exploring various practices when communicating within interpersonal relationships, within group/team structures and when speaking to groups as a public speaker. Whether your child is painfully shy when speaking in front of others or an extroverted maestro with no filter when s/he speaks, this course will be beneficial in helping them tailor their communication style in ways to help them meet their needs in healthy ways. This interactive course will strive to help students demonstrate an understanding of what communication is through cooperative group assignments, individual presentations and written assignments. Students will move, think, express and create their way to becoming master communicators! An emphasis is placed on conflict resolution, public speaking, group communication, and non-verbal communication. Use of technology and creative talents is encouraged in this course.


-Students will demonstrate an understanding of what communication is by describing the differences between non-verbal and verbal communication;

-Students will create a cultural communication chart that illustrates the ways they have learned to communicate through culture;

-Students will demonstrate their understanding of persuasive and informative messages by creating a group public service announcement to be videotaped;

-Students will demonstrate understanding of the five ways we respond to conflict by working on a group project to complete an objective;

-Students will display effective public speaking practices by presenting a 5 minute informative speech on a subject they know well;

-Students will utilize technology to present a multi-media Ignite speech

Email me for class days, price, location and time at

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