Creative Coaching with Khadijah

Trying to Live Your Creative Dreams But Feel Stuck?

Have you  envisioned a creative project you can’t seem to get off the ground?

Would you trade in your current job to do something in the arts?

• Are you a working creative eager to find ways to monetize your art?

Do you want to use your art in a different way but not sure what path to choose?

Then, You May Need a Creativity Coach

As a Creativity Coach, Khadijah will help you to develop your talents while strategically building skills in areas not yet realized.

She will:

• Identify and push past the creative blocks that stand in the

way of your projects;

• Encourage you to breakthrough your barriers by shifting thought behaviors and developing personal processes based on your unique patterns, not those of other people;

• Help you overcome the doubts, fears, anxieties, and worries that so often hinder the creative mind; and

• Listen, educate, and support you so that your creative work evolves and shines.

Email for your consultation

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