A Hurricane Dances

A Hurricane Dances

Hushed, in school-girl whispers she cautioned the branches to have faith in their flexibility.

Her rustling gowns gently tittered as she darned them carefully.

“You may shake, you may shiver, but trust your bend.”

Standing and stepping into her costume that adhered to her slimness in convenient slick, Irene transformed.

Hair of etheric antennae shimmered as it arched and stood high, strands pointing in directions from North to South. As if alive, it stood at attention as if awaiting her command to relax. Her bracelets jangled as she held her arms out and twirled, practicing her dance, watching her gowns whip the air around her.

In operatic genius, she screeched the highest pitch she could muster as she practiced her song. Lightening paused in adoring wonder. The Ocean stood in ovation. Irene blushed and smiled. The show had not started yet. She did not want to rush things.

As Rain began its solo, Wind appeared and wrapped his strong arms around Irene, pressing close to the folds of her gown. She closed her eyes and imagined rainbows as she and wind began their dance, descending from space onto the stage that beckoned in silence.

by Khadijah Ali-Coleman

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