A Message to Oppression

A Message to Oppression
Buried angrily under boot stomps and baton beatings
was my rage
Blackened and bristled
poured deep into crevices
Drenched into bone
And sown into the sod that that is sprouting, rising
Finding the light through the clearing of my thoughts
My rage,
It was buried, yes
But, now
It is leaking
Drizzling down wavering sides
Becoming a torrent
Hailstorm ice hard
Rough rock hurt hard
Bullet quick searing
Choke-hold strangling
Age-old wisdom of djembe drums
Cackling spells and lullaby hums
From between the ancient gums
Of wizened elders
My rage comes
Unbuckled from degreed dreams and pristine work goals
It has settled into wide open pores and the cracks on walk-weary soles
it gushes from holes
punctured into penetrated skin
of my feelings of safety and security
this rage rushes from within and
unblocked it comes rushing
bulldozing restraint
my rage pushes past
as a grand-jury’s hateful non-indictment reading
it pushes past
as gun shots leave 12 year-old black boys dying & bleeding
it pushes past
as Obama calls for Black people to keep the peace
it pushes past fast
as little Black girls get shot by police while they sleep
my rage pushes past fast
coming for your ass


by Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman

All rights reserved (Do not copy this poem and use without permission. Please contact us at LiberatedMuseArts@gmail.com if you would like to re-publish this poem)

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