In October 2017, I participated for the first time in the 48-Hour Film Project with friends, family and members of my artist collective Liberated Muse (who are my friends, too). I wrote, directed, produced and turned in the play Bracelet in 48 hours. We were nominated for BEST SCORE and BEST PRODUCER. We decided to do it again this past May and we created the film BUNT.

This song was featured in the film BUNT that I wrote, directed and produced through Liberated Muse Arts Group last month.

I am pleased to announce that this song was awarded “Best Original Song” by the Washington DC 48 Hour Film Project at their awards ceremony last Friday. I wrote the song and sang lead and my partner, Ben Beta of Chez Soleil Music wrote the music, played all the instruments and produced the song. We wrote the song with the intention of getting it licensed for film or TV and we didn’t get any buyers. So, I put it in BUNT during a pivotal scene of redemption and we got a win. Yay! Watch the film at

Contact us for more information on how to license our music for your upcoming projects.


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