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“After many years of not seeing each other due to distance, Khadijah and I reconnected in December of 2017 when she travelled to PA to do an event for children at my local book and toy store, The Brainlet. Simply being in her presence and speaking with her after the event was so refreshing and it gave me the push I needed to start thinking about a rebirth of my own creativity. “Black-Eyed Suz

The passage above is an excerpt from a recent International Women’s Day post written by a young woman I had the privilege of meeting when she was my student when I worked at Morgan State University ten years ago. Now a business owner, mother and social services provider, she included me in her story of reconnecting with her artistic muse. What an honor and privilege! I can not express into words how much she and this blog post mean to me. Check out the blog here.

Mama Artist, Master Teacher. & Social Activist, Khadijah Moon is founder of the multi-disciplinary arts collective Liberated Muse Arts and a 2015 Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist awardee. A singer/songwriter, playwright and emerging visual artist, Moon uses poetry to express, ignite and educate. Deliciously creative & exuberantly human, she morphs into amber light at will. Khadijah Moon weaves mesmerizing tales through songs, plays, and film and is your creative midwife to help you birth your creative dreams. Recording/Performing Artist | 2015 MD State Arts Council Individual Artist Awardee | Poet | Playwright | Filmmaker


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