MUSIC REVIEW: ZAYN has us quaking ‘Till Dawn’

By Khari Dawson, September 7th, 2017

We’ve all been patiently waiting the next musical resurrection that is a ZAYN song. And after six long, agonizing months, ZAYN finally gives us what we’ve been waiting for.

Zayn Malik (who goes by “ZAYN, now) hasn’t released a single since April of this hectic 2017. “Still Got Time ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR” is a fun party bop that kept us calm until the next single was to arrive. But just as we were getting anxious, asking “where in the h— is ZAYN?!” he comes through for us with “Dusk Till Dawn” ft. Sia, accompanied by a stunning music video with Jemima Kirke as his lovely co-star.

With both a captivating music video and an alluring song, you surely have to play the video twice to focus on just one. The music video depicts Zayn as a man on the run, wanted by two different groups. The police and gangsters. The police get a hold of him, all to be out smarted and end up releasing him. And he escapes the gangsters, too, riding off into the sunset with his wig wearing sidekick, Jemima. The song is passionately sung by both Zayn and Sia, which makes it hard not to want to join in on their harmony, even while not knowing the words. It starts out simple and melodic, until it breaks into a fervent chorus that sticks onto your brain long after listening to it.

The ZQUAD (Zayn’s passionate and diverse fandom) is obviously shook beyond cure, and are breaking twitter with hysterical tweets about Zayn’s double blow to us.




Zayn is the best male artist fight me,” says one fan. “My man did that My man (…)Y’all are listening to me HE DID IT OKAY” reads another. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good reason to use caps lock and be grammatically incorrect so freely.

And, oh yeah, did I mention: this video and song is a good distraction from the fact that ZAYN CUT HIS HAIR OFF! Yep, he shaved his head bald. Or so it seems. His mother posted an instagram picture of her kissing the head of her shiny headed son on the third. But at least we have this video to reminisce on his hair with.

Thanks for this, Zayn. Can’t wait for the album… and for the hair to grow back.


Khari Dawson is a writer who likes all kinds of music and hasn’t met a slice of pizza she hasn’t loved deeply. She believes, moreso than clothes, wifi and ample data is essential when leaving the house. She writes short fiction, poems, and occasionally directs plays. 


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