I must have been really busy because, I didn’t have an opportunity to post all of April and some really great things took place during that month. One of the great things was ARTOMATIC that just ended this past May 8. I performed in ARTOMATIC on April 8 and 22 and then performed in the finale show hosted by Team Rayceen. I had a ball all three times even though my solo performances on the 8th and 22nd didn’t attract much buzz. Granted, I didn’t promote them that well, but, the turn-out was surprisingly low.

I was actually quite shocked with how low attendance was during the times I visited the ARTOMATIC with my family just to check out the wonderful visual art. As someone who has participated in ARTOMATIC each year it comes around since 2009 and visiting since 2002, I was a bit worried. The thing is, in the DC area, there are fewer and fewer people organizing art festivals and events like ARTOMATIC like they used to. I am guessing that the reality is that folks are tired. The lack of appreciation is real, and fewer folks are willing to engage in landmark event planning for free or little money like they were willing to do in the past. I know I am not. I remember jam-packed ARTOMATICs with crowded floors, loud bands and lots of media attention. I hope the lack of participation will not discourage the organizers. However, I need folks who appreciate the arts to make more of an effort to support and spread the word. ARTOMATIC is one of the special treasures of the Washington DC area.

This year ARTOMATIC took place in the Crystal City area of Virginia.  It was metro accessible and had ample parking.  I posted some of my favorite artist work on Instagram here and here. 

Here are some clips from my performances here, here and here.

Did you make it out to ARTOMATIC this year?




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