Fake Tweets, New Edition & A Growing Child

This weekend was flecked with bittersweetness as my 13 year-old auditioned for high school on Saturday. She will be starting high school this fall and these past few months have been busy with auditions and applications to schools in our area.  She is currently a drama major at a performing arts academy that she started two years ago after being home-schooled by me for 5th and 6th grade. If you have been with me and this blog since 2009, you may recall that I have been sharing info about her since she was five years-old. I admit that I cried a little thinking about how time is traveling at warp speed. I remember when she was in Pre-K just yesterday!

She auditioned for drama and video/film production and I feel that she did great for both because she came back and told her dad and I that she felt good about both auditions. For the video/film production audition, she had to create a 60 second commercial and then present it during the audition. Of course, she decided the day before to do an entirely new video based on a real business venture she launched earlier this year. Her classmates ask her to construct fake tweets from celebrities to them, giving the impression that they are friends with said celebrity. (Below is a fake tweet she made for me to show me her work).


For her video, she used as a theme her dad’s long-time love for New Edition, coupled with my love for Johnny Gill and she roped us in to being part of her cast for this hilarious video. Check it out below:


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