New Co-Host on WEAA 88.9 FM

Journalist Sean Yoes, host of First Edition on WEAA  88.9FM, announced on his show last night that author, poet and motivational speaker Bathsheba Smithen and I are his new co-hosts of the “Be Inspired” segment, the second half of the “Hour of Power” at 6:30pm on Mondays on First Edition! If you’ve been following my recent posts regarding my past appearances on the show, you know that my appearances have included sharing personal wisdom regarding living an authentic life as I promote my work as The Creative Midwife, and as a professional performance and literary artist.


Bathsheba and I were being auditioned with our last individual appearances on the show and picked from more than five other women who had been guests on the show. They selected us because of our rapport with Sean Yoes, our knowledge of our content and our ease on air. You can listen to last night’s show here (it starts at about 25:19) and tune in every Monday at 6:30pm where it will either be both of us with Sean or one of us at a time, based on our respective schedules.

Thanks in advance for tuning in!!


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