We Are Who We Have Been Waiting For

I am inviting you to this event HERE. You can  read below if you want background info.

If you have been following me for a while, you know that community organizing is at the root of what I do and who I am. My creative work as a performer, writer and educator always involved energy work around empowering people with the knowledge and motivation to activate positive doings in their own communities. I was a community organizer before the Barack Obama presidency, during it and now after it as Trump stumbles into office. I worked on organizing movements that erupted after George W. Bush’s steal of the white house when he ran against Al Gore in 2000, I produced the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest for three summers (2008-2010) as a music event that also featured nonprofit organizations, Black-owned small businesses and opportunities to register to vote, and I produced numerous fundraising social events (2007-2015) supporting organizations such as Southeast Ministry, the DC College Success Foundation, Yele Haiti, and other other groups. Trump’s election win has not knocked me off of my game, but only fueled me to continue on  the path I began forging over twenty years ago.

Much of my community organizing has involved mobilizing people within Black and brown communities to define themselves for themselves and create policy and programs to serve their best interests, promote what is working best and support each other in keeping up positive momentum in area. As a successful professional creative now, I feel I in a position to be at the helm of organizing fellow artists with a specific purpose in mind. I am specifically interested in using art to inform about our country’s political system, mobilize communities of colors to begin selecting and grooming political candidates and have artists forward the culture of community engagement and issue positioning. I renamed  an old group I started in 2012, the Capital Area Performing Arts Association (CAPAA),  to be called the Performance Artists Changing  Today and Tomorrow (P.A.C.T.T) to work towards the ends stated above. If you are a performing artist interested in the goals I stated, then, I want you to join!

We are having a meet-up next Saturday, Nov. 19 and you need to be there.

Let’s meet and discuss ways we can mobilize our communities around issues that matter as we use our artistry to create change. Join Us. This event is a Liberated Muse produced event called “Letters for the Silenced” that was conceived before the results of the Trump election. However, it will also be used as a space to sign-up artists interested in being part of P.A.C.T.T.

A 45-minute
communal gathering
of artists
using their voices
to give
to truth&
creating space
for others to be heard

It is in our bravery to
Be BOLD that
We realize who
We truly are

THIS IS A MEET UP FOR THE ORGANIZATION P.A.C.T.T. Get details and RSVP on Facebook here or email us at info@liberatedmuse.com



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