Home Concerts with Khadijah


This message is for all of my social homebodies. You know who you are. You like to socialize with your friends, but, you of that age now where you don’t necessarily want to socialize with them outside the confines of your own home. You like music, but, the idea of having to stand up at a venue to hear it is not enticing. You like the idea of learning something new in a workshop format, but, let’s be real, you aren’t leaving your house this weekend afternoon to go anywhere.

That’s where I come in.

Since the release of my CD Song of a Space Cadet, I’ve been approached to bring my music to different spaces for audiences large and small. I am thrilled to see folks taking initiative to bring artists they want to hear to their own homes for celebration gatherings or for simple evening gatherings to wind-down from the week.

I’m scheduling REPLENISH home concert for this Fall and would love for you to consider hosting one. During a REPLENISH, I perform an acoustic set for your guests and/or host an interactive session– whether a creative writing workshop, visioning board party, songwriting siesta or a spa sampling session. If you just want a live performance, that is ok, too.

Affordable and customized to you & your group needs, this is the new house party.

Let’s make this happen.

Click here for more info


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