Artscape 2016 Was Emotional and Expanding

I grew as an artist this past Saturday at my show “Song of A Space Cadet” that was presented by Artscape.



I shared my personal memoir of planetary influence, birth and death, attempted death and salvation. Of course, my late mother was a central character in the story, as was my daughter. I was the lead character, not always confident and comfortable with the level of sharing I had embarked on. But, I did it.

My friends and people I didn’t know who came out for the show gave me wonderful energy throughout the hour-long show and after the show, they hugged and loved up on me. I cried while on stage, laughed during the audience participation where my friend, Colie came on stage to portray the statue of liberty, and I sang with the amazing band The Bangladesh Project backing me.


I am so grateful.

Please join me for my next concert/show on Aug. 7


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