Upcoming Artscape Show Highlighting Music



I’m so excited to have the opportunity to return to Artscape! This will be the third year in a row and I’m thrilled to be able to debut a show that will highlight my music and personal stories. Here is the description of the show found here:

Khadijah Moon presents her one-woman show “Song of the Space Cadet”, a fusion of storytelling and original music capturing her journey from a quirky and eclectic youngster with the name no one could pronounce to outspoken space creator. The audience witnesses her blossoming personal power in rocky soil littered with grief, abuse and unexpected horror yet watered with lucky sightings, and a loving grandfather with catch phrases for days.

Told through the lens of an 11 year-old astrologer, an almost 30 year-old in the midst of labor during a hurricane and a newly 40 year-old grappling with social activism on the heels of a personal loss, “Song of a Space Cadet” is a musical journey where the audience participates, encouraged to sing along, talk back and become stage props.

The show will be on Saturday, July 16th at 2:30pm at the Baltimore Theatre Project where I’ve presented work before. You can RSVP through my Facebook page’s event group and stay posted to receive updates leading up to the show. In the meantime, download all of the music that will be featured in the show so you can sing along!


Khadijah Moon (1) Khadijah Moon (2) Khadijah Moon SINCE


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