Be In My Video ‘Be Who You Are’

Hello beautiful people!

I will be shooting a video for my song “be who you are” in the coming weeks and would love for you to be a part of the video. The song is very important to me. It is about being authentic and true to yourself in a world that tries to sell you pipe dreams and false notions at every turn.

You are real, you are more than enough. That’s what the song is about.

Be part of my song’s video by emailing me a video or photo of yourself holding a paper or poster sign with one word that best describes who you are. I have lots of words to describe myself. I am creative, love, inspiration and dedication. I’m sure you have lots, too. Pick one, write it on a white piece of paper that is
8 x 11 or larger and take a photo or video of yourself (not talking) holding your sign. Make sure we can see your face.

Send it to me at with your name (so I can credit you at the end of the video). Send it by March 29, 2016.

Let’s do this!

(If you would like to download the song, you can order it on Bandcamp)





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