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I am excited! Below is an excerpt:

You Are The One You Are Waiting For


You are at work or on your computer, uninspired and discontent.
You are not supposed to be here, you think.
You are not supposed to be living your life working in a job where every day a part of you is missing in action.
You are not supposed to be here.
You have talents, you think. Maybe it’s drawing. Maybe it’s writing. Maybe it’s baking or singing or sewing or dancing or anything other than what you are doing right now.
But, you are doing what you are doing right now, being discontent and uninspired because whatever it is, it pays the bills.
Or, you reason, because you haven’t found a fit anywhere else yet.
What’s for sure is that you are waiting for someone to tell you to do what it is that you really want to do.
What do I mean? C’mon. Let’s be real here.
Don’t worry. I know your secret.
I know you are waiting for permission.
You may call it the “right time”, but, what you are really waiting for is someone to give you permission to have a dream, a vision that you can act on and make into reality.

You want permission and guarantee.
You want someone to say it is ok to go and try and then,
you want them to guarantee that once you try, it will be better, it will be happier and, in some cases, it will be easier than what you are doing right now.
You are waiting for your permission and your guarantee.
You are waiting.
You have been waiting.
But, guess what?
You are the one you are waiting for.
Yep, really. It’s true.
No one is coming to give you permission.
Someone may come and give you a directive, but, that’s not the permission you are looking for. You know that if someone else has a say in what you should do regarding your creative life, it is going to be something that somehow benefits them.
You are not looking for some quick hit.

You want a lifestyle change. You want to live your creative life.
And, guess what?
You are the only person who can give you permission to do what it is you want to do.

Trust yourself to know that you are ready
And, begin.

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