Call for Submissions for Volume III in Liberated Muse Anthology Series

MC for the 2010 Readers with Attitude Authors Pavillion in Richmond, VA
MC for the 2010 Readers with Attitude Authors Pavillion in Richmond, VA

Call for Submissions: Liberated Muse Arts Publications, a program of Liberated Muse Arts Group, is opening a call for submissions for their third literary anthology volume Liberated Muse Volume III: Creases Expelled from the Fold.  This third volume will be edited by Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman, editor of Liberated Muse Volume I: How I Freed My Soul and Liberated Muse Volume II: Betrayal Wears a Pretty Face.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Work should be original work that has not been published before. Writers retain full copyright ownership of their work, but we ask kindly that you wait six months before re-publishing the work after the release of the anthology (anticipated release date in April 2016).
  • All work should be the original work of the person submitting it.
  • The theme of the anthology revolves around reaction and critical exploration of the state of the world today.  We want stories that examine the lines we teeter on– whether it is on the edge between life or death, on the edge between poverty and wealth, the edge between sanity and insanity, the edge between love and hate, the edge between hope and despair, the edge between growth and regression…the possibilities are endless. All work should be based on a true story or inspired by real-world events.
  • We are accepting poetry, songs, short fiction, memoir essay and visual art submissions.
  • All songs should be submitted as a link to an online location. All written and visual art submissions should be in PDF form.  If your work is accepted for inclusion, you will be asked to submit a version in Word document if a literary submission, an mp3 if a song, and in high resolution JPEG form if a visual art submission. Your full name, city/state/country location, email address and website (if applicable) should be on the cover sheet of your submission.
  • Up to two (2) submissions accepted. All submissions should be received by or before February 6, 2016. Send your submission to with the subject header: <Insert Name>Anthology Submission.

The anthology will be published as a free digital e-book and as a digital film, edited and produced by Khadijah Ali-Coleman (The Creative Midwife). There is no compensation. Artists will receive full credit for their work.

Liberated Muse Arts Group will be producing a tour to publicize the anthology.  We ask for your city/state/country location so we can know where contributors are from to anticipate potential tour stops.

Liberated Muse Arts Group is a multi-disciplinary arts company specializing in pop-up performances, musical and theatrical productions, book production and arts-educational services. Learn more here.


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