New Websites, A Non-Glitchy Periscope Message and Holiday Offers


Hello Beautiful People!

Thank you for still following this blog that I’ve been keeping up since 2009! I really appreciate it. Some of you have stuck in there with me over the years, commenting, sharing and liking and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. If you visit the home page of this blog, you will most likely see your face in the area marked “Community” (if you have a WordPress account) because, you are, in fact, part of my valued community.

The Creative Midwife

If you do happen to visit the home page, you will notice a lot looks different in the menu tab location. A lot of the tabs linking to services are gone. The reason for that is because I actually got a new website specific to my services that I’ve launched under my new moniker “The Creative Midwife”.

I hope you will check out the new site and consider gifting yourself a service from The Creative Midwife for 2016. Testimonials are on the site. Easy pay options are there. A link to my new music site is also there. I chose the title The Creative Midwife because I’ve been helping folks birth their creative babies since 2008 and it was time to formalize all that it is that I do. I love working with emerging artists and professional artists, helping them get their plans in motion and it is time to begin promoting better the work I do. Click here to see all of the current services.

Khadijah Moon

As I just mentioned, I have a new website for my music as Khadijah Moon as well. I have been receiving tremendous opportunities regarding my music because of my YouTube videos, Soundcloud presence and posts via my blog and Facebook. The attention has been so positive, landing gigs and paid opportunities that I decided to make a one stop devoted to music downloads and updates. This is the site. Check it out. Download my music and please share, share, share links. It is most appreciated. If you do it via Twitter, I can return the favor and retweet and share your tweets.


Finally, with all of the social media platforms out there, how do you know what to join and what to leave alone? For me, live streaming is an opportunity to make greater connections with you, my community. I have been playing with Periscope since the summer, trying to capture rehearsals, episodes of Liberated Muse’s defunct open mic series #theSPILL, etc. and I think I finally captured my best Periscope live stream yesterday. You can watch it here for as long as I choose to keep it up. Be sure to add me and I will add you back. You can only do it from your phone, as periscope is a phone app like Instagram.

So, in closing, that’s what’s been new with me. I hope you are ending your year on a high note. If you are in the Baltimore area this Saturday, please consider stopping by a gig I have there at Picasso’s this Saturday at 8pm. See more on my calendar here. I’m also going to be hosting 5th Tuesday Poetry Open Mic at Busboys and Poets on 14th and V, NW in DC on Dec. 29th.


Details on both events can be found here and here.


Thanks for all you do!






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