#SocInnFest2015 Highlights Efforts to Abolish Mass Incarceration


This past week, I participated in DC’s Social Innovation Festival as an artist-in-residence. The Social Innovation Festival took place September 9th – 13th in Washington, DC, hosted by DC+Acumen aiming to empower, inform, and connect DC’s community of changemakers. This year’s Festival, Creating Social Innovation Through Tech, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, was a celebration of how innovations in business, the creative arts, and technology aid in the fight for social justice.

Art in Praxis powered the 1st Artist in Residence Program at the Social Innovation Festival and I was one of them along with a group of other incredibly talented folks. Check them out here.

Throughout the Festival, selected artists served as creative provocateurs, providing artistic responses and documentation.

Last night, I created a song from the words found on Twitter and other social media spaces where folks participating in the festival tweeted their thoughts and ideas about what they were learning during the festival.

I had a wonderful time meeting the people I met and and being able to do my performance concept the Lyric Monster (where I make up a song on the spot) for social good. I also enjoyed the idea of having artists as part of a conference on ideas around social justice, technology and business. I will definitely be incorporating aspects of this concept in a conference I am coordinating for 2016 for The College Media Arts and Communication Association.

Read here the tweets highlighting the journey of the artists-in-residence during the festival, compiled by Art in Praxis’ Jessica Solomon.

Were you there? If so, how did you enjoy yourself, what did you learn?


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