Join the #NaPoMo Challenge this Month


NaPoMo stands for National Poetry Month

I was challenged on Facebook by poet Tichaona Munhamo to post a poem daily, for 5 days and nominate a poet to do the same for each poem I write. The purpose of this crusade is to have a huge poetic chain. The first poem I wrote this past Wednesday was a haiku:

My intuition
Saved me when my eyes had lied
I owe it my life


The poem I shared on Thursday was called “Recovering Muse”:

**Recovering Muse**

Snatching off my cap
I quit this shift
Playing fiddle to your soundtrack
I claim my life back
Not trying to backtrack
But after suffering from lack
Its time to reassess
Understand how i got in this mess
Part the lies and confess
That i played a role
Relinquished control
Wore Mammy’s tight shoes and said I loved it
Gave without expectation
Watched you go public
And deny ever knowing the likes of ole me
Gave no credit, no acknowledgement
with my own eyes i do see
How you co-opt and take so damn casually
Until the culture i created
Has no memory of me.
You say I’m inspiration
Your model
Your muse
I say forgery and flattery are
Two words u confuse
If the check bears your name
And there’s none left for me
There is nothing u can do
To deny thievery
Lines may be blurred
Truth and lies are false friends
But, today, i claim myself
My servitude

By Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman


I later shared two poems that I plan to turn into songs later this year.  My final poem that I wrote and shared today was:

**artful prayer**

Words wrapped in goodbyes and fading heartbeats
Rhythms swishing skirts and moving hardened feet
Throats warbling lover’s cries and equality’s defeat
Is art holding prayer for you

Hands plucking snapped strings in solemn cosmic chant
Gourds resurrect into drums that sing and holla back
Onstage wrapped in royal prose that Lives free and dies black
Is art holding prayer for you

by Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman


The poets that I nominated during my five day challenge were my friends Colie Williams, Lyn Honablew, Serena Wills and Antonia Perdu. Click on the links to learn more about each one of them.


Poetry is a form of expression that you can enjoy whether you are practicing different technical forms or writing free verse as a cathartic means of self-healing. I’ve been writing poems since I was in elementary school, attracted to the opportunity to express and create metaphors to explain feelings, phenomena, or my own private experiences. I’ve used poetry in my years of working as a teacher and facilitator as a way to break the ice, encourage students to self-reflect or to present examples of how different art forms are open to interpretation.

I will be offering a workshop this month, in celebration of National Poetry Month, for poets who are looking to perform their poetry and need guidance on strengthening their stage presence as a performance poet. The workshop will take place in Washington DC. If you are on Facebook, you can read more about this FREE workshop here. You can contact me for more information.



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