New Single ‘Free Falling’ Now On Sale

FREE FALLING-Khadijah Moon COVERI have finally released my second single which I had intended to release last year before the passing of my mother. I wrote and co-produced this track and I’m particularly proud of my first go round with production. My producer Ben Beta, of course, did the heavy work with instrumentation and his bass work on this jam is incredible. I love it. This is the first song you’ll ever hear with me rapping, too. Yes, rapping. Don’t laugh. I think it works. All in all, I’m happy I finally got the song out. Have a few more that will be following soon that I’ve been working on over the past year. Had been going back and forth on releasing a full EP or a series of singles. I think I’m heading in the direction of going the singles route. You can download this song on CD Baby and it will be released soon on iTunes and other online sellers. Thanks in advance for purchasing and sharing the music!


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