Listen to Excerpt of Forthcoming Single ‘Free Fallin’

This past summer, I had been working on quite a bit of music, with plans to release in August. My mother was killed tragically on August 1 and a lot of those plans fizzled. In fact, my whole angle on music has changed dramatically. I am working on new music again (back to the drawing board) but did want to share one song that I had intended on dropping in August. I’ve pushed the release date to December but wanted to share a bit of it here. It’s called “Free Fallin” and is one of the few songs I’ve co-produced with my partner Ben Beta (who still does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to production). I wrote the song earlier this year and it will probably be one of the one and only relationship songs I produce being that I am in a different space right now.

Check out the excerpt and tell me what you think!


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