“The Cellar” Performance on BLIS FM on Oct. 27th


Hope all is well your way. I’m hanging in there and would like to invite you to check me out for a live performance online week after next on “The Cellar” on BLIS FM.

“The Cellar” is an innovative forum inciting provocative discussions about wine and the luxurious lifestyles that accompany wine consumers. The show provides a wealth of information about wine making, news, composition, etiquette, tastings and wine events while also featuring talented musical acts who perform live on the air.  I will be performing my single “Unbound” while some of my other music will be featured throughout the show. During the show, I will be interviewed by Richard Glover, Celebrity Wine Sommelier, host of “The Cellar”

Learn more on where to log in, what time the show starts and where to watch the show by visiting my Facebook event invite here. While you are on Facebook, I hope you decide to “like” my page. As always, it is appreciated when you share my music with your social media connections. Be sure to let me know when you are sharing my music on Twitter or Instagram by giving me a shout-out at @KhadijahOnline. I will be sure to reply!

Thank you for reading and supporting my music!



If you are a blogger, radio/tv host, or event promoter and are interested in booking or interviewing Khadijah Moon, send all inquiries to LiberatedMuseArts@gmail.com

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