Phenomenal Woman: A Tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou

Dr. Maya Angelou was a heroine. From her work during the civil rights movement in the US and  her efforts to fight colonization in Africa, to her riveting poetry and her maternal presence, Dr. Maya Angelou was a larger-than-life presence to us all. In honor of this great woman who passed away May 2014, I produced a tribute concert through my arts group Liberated Muse Arts Group. We’ve performed the tribute at the 2014 Baltimore Book Festival and the 2014 Arts All Night DC festival and would love to bring the tribute show to your venue. A family-friendly production, you’ll hear some of Maya Angelou’s finest works accompanied by music and hear original songs presented in her honor. A 60 minute lively concert of spoken word and music, this tribute honors the woman, the legend–Dr. Maya Angelou.

Book the tribute show today by emailing

Photo by Kimberly Shorter
Colie Williams, Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman and Lyn Artope present the Phenomenal Woman tribute to Maya Angelou as Liberated Muse Arts Group
An audience member shot this photo and posted it on Twitter of Liberated Muse Arts group performing the Phenomenal Woman: A Tribute to Maya Angelou show.

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