My Mother, Gone Too Soon

One week and two days ago, my mother lost her life on the Capital Beltway while on her way to a class she needed before she started teaching a new Math class this Fall for Montgomery County public schools in Maryland. Her car was hit by a Maryland State police cadet which caused her to crash into a jersey wall, resulting in her death. We celebrated her life this past Friday during her funeral. I will admit, I am still in shock and very numb right now. My siblings and I all are experiencing various shades of grief, anger and skepticism at what has just happened. Our mother was the matriarch of our very large and extended family.

I would like to publicly thank my dear community for all of the support offered to me during this time of overwhelming grief. Your support has helped me stay afloat and gather strength. Please continue to continue to send prayers for my mother as her spirit finds peace.

My mother’s funeral program from her funeral that took place this past Friday.
001 (34)
My mother and my daughter during a vacation in Williamsburg, VA in 2005.
001 (28)
My mother and I during dinner at Don Pablo’s in 2000
002 (19)
Kisses from my mom months after I was born
My mother and sister arrived for my play “Shades of Black” right as the play ended, but we had fun during the cast party (2008)
In Mexico with my mom
In Mexico with my mom
001 (8)
My mother and daughter in 2005

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