So Our Youth Aspire (SOYA) Is Revived– Writers Wanted

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I wear a lot of hats. My role as educator will always be firmly entrenched in my life’s work because it what I began my career doing, what I do at home as a home-schooling parent and what I do through my artistic pursuits. I created the limited liability company So Our Youth Aspire (SOYA) in 2005 because folks kept asking me to help design out-of-school programs, come train staff or lend my expertise in other ways, and I wanted to find ways to monetize it. I began the web portal for SOYA  in 2006 as I began writing articles online regarding education and youth development issues, and the web portal outlived the LLC.

I took a hiatus in 2011 from updating SOYA’s web portal but recently migrated the site to a WordPress platform and am committing to reviving the portal. I will be contributing news and commentary on issues and would like to build a team of writers interested in contributing content.

Writing for SOYA is for YOU if:

-You are an educator, parent or youth worker who regularly works with young people aged 11-17 and has expertise in youth development, teaching or parenting;

-You are looking for a space to share your writing– whether you have your own blog and would like to reprint on SOYA or you are looking for a blog home to share your writings because you are an occasional writer;

-You are interested in learning new things helpful to parents and educators in best supporting their youth and are interested in interviewing stakeholders and trailblazers;

-You believe that optimal services and supports for young people help them enjoy opportunities that contribute to positive youth development

SOYA posts articles on the following topics:

Classroom Teaching


Out-of-School Time

School Choice

Charter Schools


Youth Development


Arts and Education


and more…

Send me an email today at with a statement of interest in writing for So Our Youth Aspire. Visit the website here.


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