Reflections Literary and Arts Magazine Accepting Submissions For Fall 2014 Issue

reflections logo- spring 2014

I have been the faculty advisor for the literary and arts magazine of Prince George’s Community College since early this year. We are currently in production phase of the Spring 2014 of Reflections Literary and Arts Magazine, but actively accepting submissions for Fall 2014.

During my short time with the magazine, I’ve found that there are approximately 50 other magazines in the country (at least searchable) called “Reflections”. Therefore, if you plan to Google more about the magazine, then, you should just check us out on Facebook and Twitter with the links provided or you run the risk finding another magazine.

The great thing about this publication is that it includes work from the students, faculty, alumni and community at-large. Some of the contributors this season are poets I’ve had the privilege of meeting and/or working with and I’m excited. One of the past student editors of the magazine is now a renowned author and appointee of a national committee, appointed by President Barack Obama, while many past contributors of the magazine have been or gone on to become esteemed writers and visual artists in their fields.

So, it goes without saying that contributing your literary and visual art work can only be a win-win! Submit your work today to


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