IN HER WORDS 2014 Tour A Hit!

The IN HER WORDS 2014 Tour so far has included stops in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia, with a final show slated with a return to Washington DC. I’ve had such an incredible feeling of accomplishment with this show. I conceived it after being inspired by an interview with Lena Horne from the 1960’s and it has truly been a wonderful springboard for community conversation. So many people have told me how the piece has inspired them to research more about these women on their own or produce their own piece of art about some of our ancestors who have done some truly brave and meaningful things.

The tour started on March 15 at the Oxon Hill Public Library for an audience of over 60 patrons. During the talk-back, many audience members shared they had heard the cast interview on WPFW which led them to the show and they were glad they had come. The audience was a diverse mix of ages from as young as 2 years-old to 60+.

The cast of IN HER WORDS participated in a talk-back with the audience after the show

On March 22, the show was featured at the Smithsonian’s Anacostia Museum as part of their Women’s History Month programming. The room was packed to the hilt by an audience eager to enjoy the show. The Smithsonian recorded the show for their archives.

I performed as Lena Horne

On March 27, we returned to Charles E. Beatley Library in Virginia to another full house.( Seeing these rooms filled with people has been so affirming.) This show’s talk-back ran so long that we had to be asked to stop answering questions because we had run to closing time. We love the Charles E. Beatley library and their supportive librarian S. Palmieri who always treats us wonderfully!

group selfieVisit the website I set up for the play to see more photos and learn more about the show!

Our last show is this coming Saturday, April 5. View the flyer below for details.

jones memorial flyer


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