IN HER WORDS Funded Largely By Fellow Creative Artists and Small Business Owners

In Her Words: A Theatrical Music Presentation by Khadijah Ali-Coleman

This year’s IN HER WORDS Indiegogo campaign was a success! We reached our goal  (raising $10 over our goal) with our last contribution making its way to us a few days after contributions stopped being visible on the indiegogo site.

This year’s campaign would not have been successful without the contribution of some fellow creatives and business owners who support our work. Here is but a glimpse at some of the contributors who have made their contribution public (this is NOT a full list):

Tichaona Chinyelu (Writer)– $100 Contribution

tichaonaTichaona has traveled throughout the United States with sojourns in California and Illinois. She currently lives in Massachusetts where she is hard at work raising her son and building Whirlwind Publishing. She started writing poetry as a teenager, and continues to write as an extension of her desire to reduce the impact of colonialism and neocolonialism on the lives of…

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