2013 Year-In-Review

The year 2013 started after untimely tragedy in December 2012, and my heart was very, very heavy. I didn’t have a game plan as usual and really made things up as I went along for the first few months as I got myself together after Derrick’s passing. The video shares with you some of the highlights.

Me and my kid

What was not included was the immense joy, challenge, awakening, etc. that I’ve experienced as a homeschooling parent. That deserves a video all unto itself.

The appreciation party that Angela “Anonamas” Ballard organized was one of the special highlights of 2013. What a blessing to be loved.

I want to thank all of the folks that helped my 2013 be extra special, including my domestic partner and co-parent, my daughter and the folks I know and/or have met through my work with Liberated Muse. I’d like to give a special shout-out to Colie Williams, Lyn Artope, Angela Shaw,Jocelyn Alexander, Malauna Steele and Angela Ballard for their thoughts, conversations, feedback and friendship over the past year. You six always came with the love & wisdom! I appreciate all of the friends and patrons of my work– nothing could be accomplished without your continued support! You know who you are!

new years

Looking forward to 2014 which has already kicked off in full-force. I particularly enjoyed spending New Year’s Eve performing at Mellow Mushroom and the Black Squirrel in Adams Morgan as part of a line-up with IndieAdamsMorgan. My daughter and her dad got to come out and we brought in the New Year together. Wish I had video footage to share, but believe me when I tell you that a crazy, fun time was had.

All in all, this past year was a full and rich one. I truly experienced the reality that art heals. I thank you for continuing to read my blog and hope you stay posted for new music from Khadijah Moon and the upcoming IN HER WORDS tour.


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