The LYRIC MONSTER Is Available for Booking

Yesterday, I participated in the new festival FIGMENT DC which is a festival of interactive visual and performance art. Members of my network Liberated Muse Arts Group and I asked the audience to give us words and verse and we crafted songs on the spot. It was very boundary-stretching and fun and was a great hit. We did about 12 songs total and video taped almost all of the songs to then email to those who gave us lyrics to work with. We call this process The Lyric Monster and are now booking dates to bring this to a venue near you. Interested in having us come out? Email us at

“Know Me So Well”

In the video below, I’m screeching out a rock song to lyrics given to me by a member of our audience. His lyrics are:

“You seem so weird, but you say we’re the same

Maybe we were, but I know my pain.”

Onstage, I added the lyrics,

“Lips that lie, never more shall they tell,

Don’t know me at all, but you know me so well

You know me so well”

Here is our impromptu performance after a 60 second review of the lyrics, a pick of a genre, and the musicians giving me a beat.

So, I just so happened to get some of the most challenging lyrics…take these for instance:

“I am soooo SEXY

I love you all

Please come and caress me

See me after the show

For a special performance. Mwah!!”

Yes, they really wrote that. And, yes, I was expected to make a song out of it.

I added the lyrics while onstage:

“You know I don’t lie, got a million things I want you to try,

If you’re open, I’m on it, no time to delay,

Come on baby, Let’s Play.”

Here’s what we got…

And, then, we came to the end of the show. The last person to submit lyrics to us just so happened to fall on my turn. His lyrics were the most unexpected yet. He wrote about a Pumpkin Prince. Yes, a Pumpkin Prince. I didn’t add any lyrics to his. All that you hear is all him. I just came up with the melody and arrangement and performed it. Check how my fellow band mates tried to play me and have me turn that song into a gospel song before I yelled “Rock…funk and rock!” Also, please excuse the shaky and flicted video. My spouse had to put the camera down a couple of times to go chase my daughter to make sure she wasn’t wandering off and getting too close to the nearby water. When he ran off, my 9 year-old nephew apparently took over his video duties, hence, the ultra shaky video and behind-the-scenes footage at the end. He couldn’t turn off the video camera.

As crazy as all of that sounds, can you imagine a gospel song about a Pumpkin Prince?

The other members of Lyric Monster included fabulous vocalists and musicians who have been in my past theatrical productions and stage shows, including Quineice, Teisha Marie, Colie Williams, D. Marq and G. Jones. Check out the songs they crafted as LYRIC MONSTER members by visiting my Youtube page here. We had so much fun!


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