Remembering Chuck Brown

Learning about Chuck Brown’s death this past week sent me reeling. I had JUST interviewed Brian Culbertson for on Tuesday, and when mention of the song he did with Chuck Brown came up, I was the one to tell him that Chuck was sick and that it had been on hush for a while but his management had recently let the public know. When news that Chuck Brown had died the next day, I felt so deeply touched by it since his name had just been on my lips the day before and had listened to Culbertson’s first hand account about how Chuck had literally created a party in the studio when he had collaborated with him. Read more here in the interview on Soul Train.

Read my remembrance of the late great Chuck Brown here.

I had the pleasure of doing Q & A’s with Chuck Brown twice, never face to face, but, the stories from others about his great spirit live on. He didn’t only do amazing work as a musician but inspired the generations behind him. He will be missed.


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